Ajay Philip

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Objectives. Otomycosis is a common ENT disease frequenting the tropics. Its recurrent nature poses a great challenge to the treating physician. In spite of a number of antifungals in the market, the frequent nature of this disease warrants repeated use of these drugs, contributing to drug resistance and financial burden on the rural population. Our primary(More)
A foreign body in the larynx is an airway emergency that requires urgent evaluation and treatment. Irregular foreign bodies tend to orient in a sagittal plane and may produce only partial obstruction, allowing adequate air movement, hence making them undetectable for a long period of time. We report a case of a laryngotracheal foreign body that remained(More)
Skeletal tuberculosis is a well-known disease entity. We report the first case involving hyoid bone and the use of polymerase chain reaction-based test in detection and management. A 62-year-old male presented with neck swelling of a 20-day duration along with change of voice and dysphagia. Examination revealed a cystic, osteolytic lesion of the hyoid bone(More)
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