Ajay Mohindra

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Scalability is critical to the success of many enterprises currently involved in doing business on the web and in providing information that may vary drastically from one time to another. Maintaining sufficient resources just to meet peak requirements can be costly. Cloud computing provides a powerful computing model that allows users to access resources(More)
Mobile agents are useful for certain classes of applications. One important technical hurdle blocking their adoption is their lack of reliability. Designing a reliable mobile agent system is especially challenging since a mobile agent is potentially a ected by failure of any host that it visits, or failure of any communication link that it needs to(More)
This article presents the deign and implementation of the recovery scheme in Calypso. Calypso is a cluster-optimized, distributed file system for UNIX clusters. As in Sprite and AFS, Calypso servers are stateful and scale well to a large number of clients. The recovery scheme in Calypso is nondisruptive, meaning that open files remain open, client modified(More)
Autonomic personal computing is personal computing on autonomic computing platforms. Its goals combine those of personal computing with those of autonomic computing. The challenge of personal autonomic computing is to simplify and enhance the end-user experience, delighting the user by anticipating his or her needs in the face of a complex, dynamic, and(More)
The CLOUDS operating system supports a distributed environment consisting of compute servers, data servers and user workstations. The resulting environment logically simulates an integrated, centralized computing system. In addition, CLOUDS supports a programming paradigm that makes distributed programming simpler. Distributed programs can be written in a(More)
Managing and containing runaway IT costs for solution deployment is one of the top priorities for enterprises. Cloud Computing, with its on-demand provisioning capability on shared resources, has emerged as a new paradigm for reducing IT costs. In this paper, we describe a solution-based provisioning mechanism to automate the deployment of complex(More)