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Elicitors play an important role in challenging the plant defense system through plant-environment interaction and thus altering the secondary metabolite production. Culture filtrates of four endophytic fungi, namely, Chaetomium globosum, Aspergillus niveoglaucus, Paecilomyces lilacinus, and Trichoderma harzianum were tested on embryogenic cell suspensions(More)
Catharanthus roseus (The Madagaskar Periwinkle) plant is commercially valued for harbouring more than 130 bioactive terpenoid indole alkaloids (TIAs). Amongst these, two of the leaf-derived bisindole alkaloids—vinblastine and vincristine—are widely used in several anticancer chemotherapies. The great pharmacological values, low in planta occurrence,(More)
Five cell suspension lines of Catharanthus roseus resistant to 5-methyl tryptophan (5-MT; an analogue of tryptophan) were selected and characterized for growth, free tryptophan content and terpenoid indole alkaloid accumulation. These lines showed differential tolerance to analogue-induced growth inhibition by 30 to 70 mg/l 5-MT supplementation (LD50 = 7–15(More)
A vincamine positive hairy root clone of Vinca minor with integration of all the three- rolA, rolB and rolC genes and its subsequently raised cell suspensions were treated with culture filtrate of four endophytic fungi namely Chaetomium globosum; Aspergillus niveoglaucus; Paecilomyces lilacinus and Trichoderma harzianum. Addition of 10 % v/v T. harzianum(More)
Effect of fungal elicitors on biomass and asiaticoside production in multiple shoot cultures of Centella asiatica was studied in a dose- and culture age- dependent manner. Addition of 3 % v/v Trichoderma harzianum culture filtrate (CF) in the growth medium on 10th day of 35 days culture cycle resulted in 9.63 mg g−1dry weight content and 1.15 mg dry weight(More)
Vinca minor is the sole source of vincamine, an alkaloid known to be used in a variety of cerebral disorders. Three stable variant shoot lines (V10, V20 and V30) with tolerance thresholds of 10, 20 and 30 mg/l 5-methyltryptophan (5-MT; analogue of tryptophan), respectively, were selected. These lines showed twofold to threefold increase in tryptophan(More)
Growth and in vitro asiaticoside accumulation in multiple shoot cultures of Centella asiatica (L.) Urban was studied as a function of nutrient manipulations in the culture media. Shoot cultures raised in liquid Murashige and Skoog medium supplemented with 2.5 mg/l kinetin attained a growth index (GI) of 6.06 along with the highest asiaticoside content of(More)
Tryptophan decarboxylase (TDC) and strictosidine synthase (STR) genes from Catharanthus roseus have been successfully over-expressed in the rol gene integrated cell suspensions of V. minor. Thirty seconds SAAT (sonication-assisted Agrobacterium transformation) treatment of plant cell suspension with LBA1119 having construct (<hpt-<Tdc2-<Str-gus>) generated(More)