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Various tasks in decision making and decision support require selecting a preferred subset of items from a given set of feasible items. Recent work in this area considered methods for specifying such preferences based on the attribute values of individual elements within the set. Of these, the approach of (Brafman et al. 2006) appears to be the most(More)
1. MOTIVATION Flash memory is a cheap, viable storage alternative for the low power, energy constrained sensor nodes. It is still not clear however, what storage abstractions are best suited to Sensornet applications. Many authors have proposed a file-system based approach [1, 5] to storage on sensor devices. File systems, however, were originally designed(More)
We present MStore, an expansion board for telos and mica family nodes that provides a non volatile memory hierarchy. MStore has four memory chips: a 32KB FRAM, an 8MB NOR flash, a 16MB NOR flash, and a 256MB NAND flash, which can be expanded to 8GB if needed. All chips provide an SPI bus interface to the node processor. MStore also includes a Complex(More)
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