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The Strange Case of The Princess and the Frog: Passing and the Elision of Race
This paper examines the negotiations of race in The Princess and the Frog within the dual contexts of its setting and release. Central to these negotiations are Tiana’s racial identity and herExpand
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Reframing Bollywood: Theories of Popular Hindi Cinema
Introduction: Reframing Bollywood Bollywood and its Implied Viewers The Bollywood Song and Dance, or Making a Culinary Theatre from Dung-cakes and Dust Can the Bollywood Film Speak to the Subaltern?Expand
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The Gori in the Story: The Shifting Dynamics of Whiteness in the Bollywood Film
This paper examines the evolving representations of whiteness in Bollywood film through an exploration of the figure of the gori, or white woman. Coded as both essentially Other and desirable, thisExpand
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The metatext of Bajirao Mastani: intolerance in the time of Modi
ABSTRACT Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Bajirao Mastani (2015) utilizes an historical account to (re)tell a contemporary story. While Bhansali takes great pains to disavow any intention of religiousExpand
The “Slumdog” Phenomenon: Slumdog Comprador: Coming to Terms with the Slumdog Phenomenon
Every time a film made by a Western director about India gains critical acclaim in the West, two related phenomena seem to also occur: the greatest hits of negative stereotypes are brought out andExpand
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The Bollywood Song and Dance, or Making a Culinary Theatre from Dung-Cakes and Dust
Along with the melodrama, another (western) form that is used to position the Bollywood film within an antediluvian context is the musical, particularly as exemplified by Hollywood’s “Golden Years”Expand
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