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BACKGROUND Information regarding the prevalence and determinants of cardiac structure and function (systolic and diastolic) among the various Hispanic background groups in the United States is limited. METHODS AND RESULTS The Echocardiographic Study of Latinos (ECHO-SOL) ancillary study recruited 1,824 participants through a stratified-sampling process(More)
BACKGROUND Reference limits for echocardiographic quantification of cardiac chambers in Hispanics are not well studied. METHODS AND RESULTS We examined the reference values of left atrium and left ventricle (LV) structure in a large ethnically diverse Hispanic cohort. Two-dimensional transthoracic echocardiography was performed in 1818 participants of the(More)
IMPORTANCE Bradycardia has been associated with lower cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk in selected populations. There is a paucity of information available about heart rate (HR) less than 50 beats per minute (bpm) among middle-aged or older adults. OBJECTIVE To determine whether asymptomatic bradycardia was associated with a lower cardiovascular risk(More)
OBJECTIVES Prescription drug abuse is a major public health problem in the United States, with the rate of opioid-related deaths nearly quadrupling between 2000 and 2014. Extended-release oral oxymorphone hydrochloride (Opana ER) is a long-acting opioid prescribed for chronic pain; however, it also has the potential to be abused via intravenous injection.(More)
BACKGROUND Prescription opioid abuse poses a serious problem in the United States, representing 615 per 100,000 deaths annually. Extended-release oxymorphone (Opana-ER) is an oral opioid pain medication that has recently been found to cause thrombotic microangiopathy when intravenously abused. In this retrospective study, prevalence and outcomes of AKI(More)
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