Ajay Daniel Peter

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Oxidation of external NADH (NADH is an impermeant substrate) by cells of Tetrahymena pyriformis oscillated with a period of 24-26 min. The period length in darkness (25.6 min) appeared to be slightly longer than the period in light (approximately 24 min). When Tetrahymena were placed in darkness for 30-50 min and then returned to light, a new maximum in the(More)
Inside-out vesicles of plasma membranes prepared from a plant source were used as models to investigate effects of centrifugal forces on separations of early and late endosome populations by aqueous two-phase partition. Endosome subpopulations were resolved readily by preparative free-flow electrophoresis where acidification of the interiors of late(More)
This paper presents a reconfigurable, high performance hardware implementation of highly secure biomedical image transmission system which can be used for sending medical reports in military and high security environments. The algorithm for encryption is based on DES algorithm with a novel skew core key scheduling. The encrypted image is not intelligible to(More)
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