Ajay Bhardwaj

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INTRODUCTION The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve, with a long course in the inferior extremity. Its division into the tibial and common peroneal nerves can occur at any level from the sacral plexus to the inferior part of the popliteal space. These anatomical variations may contribute to clinical conditions such as piriformis syndrome, sciatica and(More)
Superficial peroneal nerve and its branches are frequently at risk for iatrogenic damage. Although different studies on anatomical variations of superficial peroneal nerve are available in the medical literature, such reports are rare from India. Hence the present study was undertaken on Indian population. A total of 60 specimens of inferior extremities(More)
In this research paper presents the voltage control methods with distributed generation and impact of DG on power distribution system. In this paper DG as a Wind Turbine (DFIG) and issues involving in connecting DG with power distribution system. I. INTRODUCTION Distributed resources (DR) or distributed generators (DG) connected to the distribution systems(More)
Bandipora district is one of the 22 districts in Jammu and Kashmir state that was carved out from the erstwhile Baramulla district on 02-04-2007. The local people of the district have always used medicinal plants for the treatment of various ailments by traditional methods. Utilization of medicinal plants especially by tribal communities is directly linked(More)