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Knowledge of anatomical variations of lung is required by clinicians for accurate interpretation on different imaging techniques. During routine dissection in the anatomy department, a single lung extending uniformly throughout the thoracic cavity was detected in a 35 year old male cadaver. Thereafter a cadaver study was undertaken to report the prevalence(More)
INTRODUCTION The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve, with a long course in the inferior extremity. Its division into the tibial and common peroneal nerves can occur at any level from the sacral plexus to the inferior part of the popliteal space. These anatomical variations may contribute to clinical conditions such as piriformis syndrome, sciatica and(More)
Electrocardiograms of 984 healthy subjects residing in village Kalpa at the height of 9000 feet above sea level were studied. Right ventricular hypertrophy (RVH) was observed in 9 (0.914%) subjects. Electrocardiographic evidence of ischaemic heart disease was found in 6 (0.609%) subjects.
Superficial peroneal nerve and its branches are frequently at risk for iatrogenic damage. Although different studies on anatomical variations of superficial peroneal nerve are available in the medical literature, such reports are rare from India. Hence the present study was undertaken on Indian population. A total of 60 specimens of inferior extremities(More)
PURPOSE To study the prevalence of duplex system and double ureter in cadavers and intravenous pyelograms in Indian population. MATERIALS AND METHODS Fifty cadavers were dissected and 50 intravenous pyelograms were examined on both (right and left) sides for the presence of duplex system and double ureter. RESULTS One male cadaver aged 43 years showed(More)
In the balancing of lake ecosystem macrophytes play a very important role. They have capacity to improve the water quality by absorbing nutrients with their effective root system and hence as Biofilters. Attempt was made in which samples of two Potamogeton species viz. Potamogeton crispus and Potamogeton pectinatus were collected during December 2008 to(More)
Device-to-Device (D2D) multicast communication is emerging as a practical solution to alleviate severe capacity crunch in data-centric wireless networks and to encourage backhaul-free communication directly among devices with similar content requirement. Resource allocation in multicast networks is a critical issue that impacts both, the network throughput(More)