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Components already represent a common solution for implementation and deployment of advanced enterprise distributed information systems. Now there is a strong need for providing effective CBD methodology support through appropriate component-based methods, tools and techniques that effectively target existing component technology. Current CBD methods and(More)
Models, modelling languages, modelling frameworks and their background have dominated conceptual modelling research and information systems engineering for last four decades. Conceptual models are mediators between the application world and the implementation or system world. Design science distinguishes the relevance cycle as the iterative process that(More)
Separation of concerns is a powerful strategy for managing complexity, providing flexibility and increasing understanding in system design and development. This paper introduces two ways of separation of concerns, namely components and viewpoints. The paper defines a general, implementation-independent component concept through common component aspects and(More)
Component-Based Development (CBD) represents an advanced system development approach, capable for managing complexity and ever-changing demands in the business and IT environment. While many of the component technology solutions have been already settled in practice, of equal importance to their success are the methods and techniques closely aligned with(More)