Ajai Kumar Singh

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OBJECTIVE To study the prevalence of psychiatric co-morbidity in patients of chronic daily headache (CDH) and compare the efficacy of treatment between various type of headache associated with psychiatric co-morbidity. MATERIALS AND METHODS Prospective case control cohort study, 92 consecutive patients of CDH meeting eligibility criteria. The diagnosis of(More)
References form the backbone of any medical literature. Presently, because of high inflation, it is very difficult for any library/organization/college to purchase all journals. The condition is even worse for an individual person, such as private practitioners. The solution lies in the free availability of full-text articles. Here, the authors share their(More)
Meningitis, a morbidly infectious central nervous system pathology is accompanied by acute inflammation of the meninges, causing raised intracranial pressure linked with serious neurological sequelae. To observe the variation in the metabolic profile, that may occur in serum and urine along with CSF in adults using 1H NMR spectroscopy, with an attempt of(More)
Ophthalmological complications are common and disabling in patients with tuberculous meningitis. We aimed to study the visual pathway abnormalities in patients with tuberculous meningitis. Forty-three patients with tuberculous meningitis were subjected to visual evoked responses (VER) and neuroophthalmologic assessment. Neuroophthalmologic assessment(More)
Publication is both an art and a science. For the beginner, not knowing the intricacies of publication, choice of subject and the appropriate journal to get their work published are major obstacles. In this article, the authors share their experience on how to go about getting an article published and selecting the most suitable journal for publication.(More)