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To make it easy for applications to interact with the Web, most mobile platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, provide a mechanism that allows applications to embed a small but powerful browser component inside. This mechanism is called WebView in Android (it is called different names in other platforms). WebView implements a number of APIs(More)
In this article we present a new approach to high resolution NMR combining the concepts of magic angle hopping (MAH)/magic angle turning (MAT) and dipolar based NMR methods such as SEDOR, REDOR or cross polarization (CP). Employing aluminophosphates as model systems we demonstrate that No MAS needed (NOMAS) is capable of supplying high resolution dipolar(More)
Investigation of revolute joint clearances created by in-mold assembly process. Abstract— Revolute joints are frequently used in articulated structures. Traditionally, such a joint is formed by assembling two components. As an alternative, revolute joints can be created inside the mold using an in-mold assembly process. This process eliminates the need for(More)
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