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Seismic Behavior Assessment of The Historical Tomb of Sheikh Shahab- edin Ahary
This study aims to investigate failure mechanism of historical tomb of Shahab-edin Ahary elements and determines areas prone to structural failure. Since Ahar is one of the most earthquake-prone
Evaluation of the Vibrational Properties of Three-Span Continuous Concrete Bridge by Dynamic Finite Element Method
This study follows two objectives: first, determining the effect of defining master dynamic degrees of freedom on vibrational properties and increase structure analysis running speed, and second,
Evaluating Climate and Climatic Factors (wind) at Residential Areas A case study: Rasht
Article history: Background: Extensive need of human to energy resources and his endeavor to access unending energy resources were always regarded as one of the most essential problems of human life
Sustainable Energy Lessons from Domestic Architecture of Rock Villages of Cold-Dry Regions of Iran (Case Studies: Benakohul, Samarkhazan and Hilehvar Villages)
Integrated design of rocky villages of Benakohul, Hilehvar and SamarKhazan with cold-dry climate of East Azerbaijan Province located in the north-west of Iran is affected by construction methods of
Comparison of Mechanical of the Concrete Samples Containing Micro-Silica and Nano-Silica
In recent years, identification of concrete micro-structures like structures related to cement paste and specially hydratation have been of significance in order to investigate technology
The Importance of Determining Damage Levels of the Bridges in Non-Linear Dynamic Analysis
During past earthquakes, different modes of damage were observed in bridges; consequently in seismic evaluation of these structures, various Indexes were used to determine vulnerability of the
Equivalent Static Analysis of the Kabud Tower of Maragheh
This paper investigates the behavior of masonry materials under lateral loads. The specific structure investigated in this paper is The Kabud Tower which is attributed to Hulagu khan's mother and is
Seismic Performance Assessment Uses Incremental Dynamic Analysis
Incremental dynamic analysis (IDA) has developed as an efficient approach to illustrate the level of structural damage in different seismic intensities. IDA applies to an existing tall building with