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Classical acupuncture concept is based on the vague, undefinable idea of energy. In our contemporary molecular biology, useful energy is considered to be stored in the macroerg phosphate compounds, e.g. in ATP, while (through the citrate cycle) CO2 is exhaled by the living cells of the body. In Hungary, a small and supersensitive CO2 detecting instrument(More)
Intensive research on affective temperaments began no more than a decade ago as a result of Akiskal's work in the field. Based on ancient Greek and later the Kraepelinian concept of temperament Akiskal created five distinct temperament types (hyperthym, cyclothym, depressive, irritable and anxious) which are now considered to be the preclinical background(More)
The precision of the existing methods for evaluation of compartmental models may not be warranted if the plasma curve is irregular due to enterohepatic recycling of the substance during its elimination. In this work a new approach is proposed which involves the assessments of rate-constants using combined cross-sectional and time-series data. As (C0-Cpl)(More)
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