Aizhen Huang

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Polyglutamine (polyQ) aggregation plays a pivotal role in the pathological process of Huntington's disease and other polyQ disorders. Therefore, strategies aiming at restoring dysfunction and reducing stresses mediated by polyQ toxicity are of therapeutic interest for proteotoxicity diseases. Salidroside, a glycoside from Rhodiola rosea, has been shown to(More)
Pine wilt disease seriously endangers pine tree growth and can lead to wilting and death. In this study, Masson pine (Pinus massoniana) was used as the donor plant to study miRNA expression by high-throughput sequencing in needle leaves of trees during the first 3 days after infection by Bursaphelenchus xylophilus. The results showed that the number of(More)
Eucalyptus leaf blight caused by Calonectria spp. is a serious disease in Eucalyptus seedling and plantations. However, the molecular mechanisms of the infection process and pathogenesis of Calonectria to Eucalyptus is not well-studied. In this study, we analyzed the transcriptomes of C. pseudoreteaudii at three stages of Eucalyptus leaf infection, and in(More)
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