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This paper presents a shape-based retrieval system and its application to infrared satellite images. A complete system is presented, from region extraction of a full hemisphere scan to the actual retrieval mechanism. After region extraction , polygonal approximation is applied to the region shape, and local features of the polygons are hashed to provide an(More)
This paper formulates the automated tagging of media as a multilabel classification problem. An induction method for creating a multilabel decision tree is presented, then applied to the problem of identifying emotions associated with music clips. The results are compared to two other mul-tilabel classification approached (CLUS [27] and RAKEL [25]), and the(More)
Developing algorithms suitable for distributed environments is important as data becomes more distributed. This paper proposes a distributed K-Median clustering algorithm for use in a distributed environment with centralized server, such as the Napster model in a peer-to-peer environment. Several approximate methods for computing the median in a distributed(More)
In this paper, we present a computer-assisted image browsing system based on pathfinder networks. Similarity of images to one another is determined through a proposed method of automatic shape feature discovery. Local features are generated by clustering small (on the order of 10 by 10 pixels) binary image blocks culled from the edge analysis of images in(More)
In this paper we present a vector quantization method to obtain perceptually meaningful descriptors from binary images for use in pattern recognition tasks. We introduce a distance measure and an averaging method based on the Hausdorff distance metric. Additionally we compare the proposed methods to existing Hard and Soft Centroid methods of vector(More)
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