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Time-aware point-of-interest recommendation
The availability of user check-in data in large volume from the rapid growing location based social networks (LBSNs) enables many important location-aware services to users. Point-of-interest (POI)Expand
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Twevent: segment-based event detection from tweets
Event detection from tweets is an important task to understand the current events/topics attracting a large number of common users. However, the unique characteristics of tweets (e.g. short and noisyExpand
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TwiNER: named entity recognition in targeted twitter stream
Many private and/or public organizations have been reported to create and monitor targeted Twitter streams to collect and understand users' opinions about the organizations. Targeted Twitter streamExpand
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Measuring article quality in wikipedia: models and evaluation
Wikipedia has grown to be the world largest and busiest free encyclopedia, in which articles are collaboratively written and maintained by volunteers online. Despite its success as a means ofExpand
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Deep Learning Based Recommender System
With the growing volume of online information, recommender systems have been an effective strategy to overcome information overload. The utility of recommender systems cannot be overstated, givenExpand
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Topic Modeling for Short Texts with Auxiliary Word Embeddings
For many applications that require semantic understanding of short texts, inferring discriminative and coherent latent topics from short texts is a critical and fundamental task. Conventional topicExpand
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Hierarchical text classification and evaluation
  • Aixin Sun, E. Lim
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings IEEE International Conference on…
  • 29 November 2001
Hierarchical classification refers to the assignment of one or more suitable categories from a hierarchical category space to a document. While previous work in hierarchical classification focused onExpand
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Exploiting Geographical Neighborhood Characteristics for Location Recommendation
Geographical characteristics derived from the historical check-in data have been reported effective in improving location recommendation accuracy. However, previous studies mainly exploitExpand
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On predicting the popularity of newly emerging hashtags in Twitter
Because of Twitter’s popularity and the viral nature of information dissemination on Twitter, predicting which Twitter topics will become popular in the near future becomes a task of considerableExpand
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Your neighbors affect your ratings: on geographical neighborhood influence to rating prediction
Rating prediction is to predict the preference rating of a user to an item that she has not rated before. Using the business review data from Yelp, in this paper, we study business rating prediction.Expand
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