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With the advance in technology, different types of machines are used to acquire the images. These sensors acquire information and make it in the form of images. Sometime these images are affected by some distortion like barrel and pincushion. This is because theses sensors have a mark focus on either centre or edge. As it focuses on one point so it cannot(More)
Particle filtering algorithm has been widely used in solving nonlinear/non Gaussian filtering problems. In this paper, a novel filtering method –mixed unscented particle filtering (MUPF) for nonlinear dynamic systems is proposed. MUPF mainly includes two steps. In the first step, unscented extended Kalman filter was used as proposal distribution to generate(More)
There are a lot of semantic Web services which are not matching users' requests on OWL-S/UDDI registration center. We set up the matching algorithm based on tree pruning for semantic Web services, which reduces the number about computing similarity of ontology. The algorithm keeps the rationality of OWL-S/UDDI matching algorithm that based on similarity of(More)
Sensor system is required for synthesis precision, stabilization and highly responding speed. The traditional sensor systems are not suitable for the requirement. We designed the smart sensor system which can communicate with Internet and detect tensile force used with linear hall effect sensor. It can compute in MCU used with fuzzy arithmetic .This system(More)
This paper presents a combination Manchu language model on post-processing optimization for handwritten Manchu characters recognition. The thinking of this model is take corpus as post-processing core and rule assistant correction. The model is based on a Manchu machine dictionary. The aim of work is to explore the language model in order to optimize the(More)
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