Aivars Spalvins

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High school students who had at least one parent with hypertension (n = 22) were compared to schoolmates of the same age with a negative family history of hypertension in the parents (n = 21). We investigated in both groups the maximal rate of the ouabain-sensitive Na pump and the Na-K cotransport in nystatin-loaded cells and the Lii-Nao countertransport in(More)
Mechanisms involved in cell volume regulation are important in SS, SC cells as they might be involved in determining the extent of sickling and the generation of dense cells and irreversibly sickled cells. We have studied in these cells the response to cell swelling of the K+,Cl- transporter. We found that Hb SS, SC and CC red cells have higher values of a(More)
We have previously described elevated Lii -Nao countertransport (CT) and Na-K cotransport (CO) in red cells of Caucasian patients from Boston. In this study, we report both transport systems in black patients from Philadelphia. The maximal rate (Vmax) of CT was assayed by measuring the Nao-stimulated Li efflux from cells containing +/- 6 mmol Li/liter. The(More)
We have investigated the effect of a purified preparation of Charybdotoxin (CTX) on the Ca-activated K+ (Ca-K) channel of human red cells (RBC). Cytosolic Ca2+ was increased either by ATP depletion or by the Ca ionophore A23187 and incubation in Na+ media containing CaCl2. The Ca-K efflux activated by metabolic depletion was partially (77%) inhibited from(More)
The present study was designed to examine the kinetics of Na(+)-H+ exchange in red blood cells of normotensive and hypertensive subjects and its relation to the previously reported abnormalities in Na(+)-Li+ exchange. The Na(+)-H+ antiporter activation kinetics were studied by varying cell pH and measuring net Na+ influx (mmol/l cell x hr = units) driven by(More)
The functional operation of Na and K fluxes, mediated by the furosemide-sensitive (FS) Na-K-C1 cotransport and the ouabain-sensitive Na pump, was studied in a representative young (18-22 years) black population. Cation fluxes (mumol/L cell X hour = FU) were studied prior to salt loading; results were compared with the blood pressure response to chronic oral(More)
The hydrogeological model of Latvia will be established during 2010-2012. It will be used for management of drinking groundwater resources in order to implement standards of European Union Water Directives. The model will be created in environment of the commercial program Groundwater Vistas. It includes the broadly used software tools. The area to be(More)
Since 1993, the team of the Environment Modelling Centre (EMC) of the Riga Technical University is being active in the field of developing methodologies and special software for creating hydrogeological models (HM). In this paper, these tools applied together with commercial ones are described, on the example of complicated HM created for the Noginsk(More)
We have investigated the kinetic properties of the human red blood cell Na+/H+ exchanger to provide a tool to study the role of genetic, hormonal and environmental factors in its expression as well as its functional properties in several clinical conditions. The present study reports its stoichiometry and the kinetic effects of internal H+ (Hi) and external(More)