Aitzol Zuloaga

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The problem of finding the location of a node in wireless networks has been a research interest in the last years. In environments where the GPS does not work, the estimation of a node position using only RF signals is not a trivial task. Although some other systems have been proposed so far, using ultrasonic signals, IR, etc. But those require additional(More)
This paper proposes LL-MAC, a medium access control (MAC) protocol specifically designed for wireless sensor network applications that require low data latency. Wireless sensor networks use battery-operated computing and sensing devices and their main application is environmental monitoring. In order to achieve such requirements, the whole network must work(More)
Optical flow estimation from image sequences has been for several years a mathematical process carried out by general purpose processors in no real time. In this work a specific architecture for this task has been developed and tested with simulators of hardware description languages. This architecture can estimate the optical flow in real time and can be(More)
Usually image sequence processing is accomplished on high-speed general-purpose processors, but until now, the time involved to process image sequences in flows of 25 or 30 frames per second has been very large [1][2]. However, the use of new digital integrated circuit technologies and new smart algorithms make possible to develop circuits to process image(More)
BACKGROUND Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) findings suggestive of neurocutaneous melanosis (NCM) have been reported in asymptomatic patients with giant congenital melanocytic nevi (GCMN). OBJECTIVE To investigate the presence of NCM and the clinical neurologic status of patients with GCMN involving the head an neck. METHODS Thirteen patients with GCMN(More)
Microgrids (MGs) are promising electrical systems based on Distributed Generation and with high penetration of renewable energy sources. One important feature of MGs is the islanding capability: if there is a disturbance in the main grid, the MG will be automatically disconnected. In theory, once in islanding, the MG can continue the electrical generation(More)
This paper introduces an experimental test-flow for evaluating the susceptibility of SRAM based FPGA designs to SEU (Single Event Upsets). Using this method it is possible to cover both SEUs and MBU (Multiple Bit Upsets) in the configuration memory of Xilinx FPGAs for applications based on tiny soft microprocessors. The introduced test-flow imposes a(More)