Aitzol Lamikiz

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In this paper, a new methodology for the selection of the milling toolpaths on complex surfaces that minimize dimensional errors due to tool defection is presented. In this way, an improvement on the accuracy of milled surfaces is achieved. The methodology can be applied to both three and five axes milling. In the three axes case, it is based on the(More)
Wire electro discharge machining (WEDM) has become one of the most popular processes for producing precise geometries in hard materials, such as those used in the tooling industry. Since it is recognized as a precision process, optimization of different aspects related to dimensional accuracy is a classic research topic. The so-called tapercutting involves(More)
OBJECTIVE To know the CT changes that may be seen in the mediastinum after uncomplicated mediastinoscopy. MATERIALS AND METHODS Noncontrast CT was performed on 10 patients on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th days after the procedure. RESULTS We encountered linear and diffuse increased attenuation within the mediastinum as well as air bubbles. By the 5th day(More)
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