Aitzol Ezeiza

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The work presented here is part of a larger study to identify novel technologies and biomarkers for early Alzheimer disease (AD) detection and it focuses on evaluating the suitability of a new approach for early AD diagnosis by non-invasive methods. The purpose is to examine in a pilot study the potential of applying intelligent algorithms to speech(More)
The performance of major search engines for Basque is far from satisfactory, partly due to the agglutinative nature of the language –it is commonly known that search engines do not perform well with such languages– and partly because it is not a language to which search engines restrict their results. In this paper we present EusBila, a search service for(More)
EDBL (Euskararen Datu-Base Lexikala) is a general-purpose lexical database used in Basque text-processing tasks. It is a large repository of lexical knowledge (currently around 80,000 entries) that acts as basis and support in a number of different NLP tasks, thus providing lexical information for several language tools: morphological analysis, spell(More)
The development of Automatic Index Systems requires appropriate Multimodal Resources (MR) to design all the components of the system. The project the authors are involved in implements a baseline Multimodal Index System for users in the Basque Country, so it is essential to cover all the languages spoken: Basque, Spanish, and French. Since the specific goal(More)
Mel frequency cepstral coefficients (MFCCs) are a standard tool for automatic speech recognition (ASR), but they fail to capture part of the dynamics of speech. The nonlinear nature of speech suggests that extra information provided by some nonlinear features could be especially useful when training data are scarce or when the ASR task is very complex. In(More)
This paper describes the components used in the design and implementation of NLP tools for Basque. These components are based on finite state technology and are devoted to the morphological analysis of Basque, an agglutinative pre-Indo-European language. We think that our design can be interesting for the treatment of other languages. The main components(More)
In order to face the problems that people with disabilities find in their integration into working environments, one of the key issues is the implementation of solutions offered by new technologies by using what experts call “Support Technologies”. The development of Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS) based on mobile platforms offers new perspectives for(More)
The selection of appropriate Lexical Units (LUs) is an important issue in the development of Continuous Speech Recognition (CSR) systems. Words have been used classically as the recognition unit in most of them. However, proposals of nonword units are beginning to arise. Basque is an agglutinative language with some structure inside words, for which(More)