Aitor Santisteban

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Myofibroblasts infiltrate malignant liver tumors, although their pathogenic implications are unclear. Immunohistochemical detection of alpha-smooth muscle actin, glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP), and CD31 and CD34 expression was used to analyze the contribution of myofibroblasts to angiogenesis in hepatic metastasis produced by(More)
A computer graphic display method that produces two-dimensional perspective views of three-dimensional objects is presented. The method is applied to the reconstruction at a resolution of 2.2 nanometers of the neck of bacteriophage phi 29, obtained from transmission electron micrographs processed by the direct Fourier method. The combined use of directed(More)
In this work we report the presence of intrametastatic smooth-muscle iso-alpha-actin (SMA)-expressing cells which appeared from the early stages of the hepatic metastasis process of intrasplenically injected B16 melanoma (B16M) cells. They formed a network of stromal cells among B16M cells, a very low percentage of them expressing desmin. In contrast, those(More)
The structure of African swine fever virus particles has been examined by electron microscopy. The analysis of virions prepared by negative staining, thin sectioning, and freeze-drying and shadowing showed that the virus particle was composed of several concentric structures with an overall icosahedral shape. The inner region of the virus particles was a(More)
Color images degraded by defocusing and chromatism are restored using different digital models and linear filtering techniques. The restoration process for color images is properly performed through the filters associated with three transfer functions for tristimulus values. However, the use of three monochromatic OTFs corresponding to the maxima of the(More)
The three-dimensional structure of the head-to-tail connecting region of bacteriophage phi 29 has been studied by analysing two-dimensional, hexagonal ordered aggregates of negatively stained viral necks to a resolution of 2 X 2 nm. These necks are composed of two proteins, p10 and p11; p10 being the connector protein. A 12-folded and a 6-folded axially(More)
To determine the influence of acute stress on plasma lipids and lipoproteins, 66 Wistar rats (31 males and 35 females) were immobilized for 10 hours. Previously, these animals were deprived of food for another 10 hours. Because immobilization involves forced fasting, the control group consisted of 58 rats (30 males and 28 females) that fasted for 20 hours.(More)