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Isolation and Characterization of Dextransucrase from Bacterial Isolate Sugar Cane
Dextransucrase is a glucasyltransferase that catalyzes the transfer of an alpha-D-glucopyranosyl group from sucrose to dextran and releasing the fructose. Enzyme activity was determined by measuringExpand
Peranan Beberapa Mineral dalam Pengendapan Phytat dan Aktivitas Enzim Phytase
eizd:ihulu-in : As:.cm ph:ft-lt y * ~ i t u hexa--phosphnt i n o s i t 01 b m ~ ~ z k terdc~yj.:t d:::lrz~:~ twnbuh-tw;zbu&..r~ temta~ilri. b i j i b i j i t : n , A d 3 40-30: gc:ng dikqndung bi j iExpand