Aiswaria Ramachandran

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This article presents a novel special-purpose data memory subsystem, called Xtream-Fit, suitable for embedded media processing, and demonstrates how it achieves high energy-delay efficiency across a wide range of media devices, including systems concurrently executing multiple applications under synchronization constraints. Experimental results show that(More)
An integrated and holistic approach to knowledge management system for natural resource management needs to take local indigenous knowledge as one of its components for achieving sustainability. The system of indigenous or local ecological knowledge on natural resource is fuzzy. The integration of such fuzzy knowledge requires a methodology for converting(More)
The importance of our country’s communication system is noticeable when a disaster occurs. The communication system in our country includes wired and wireless telephone networks, radio, satellite system and more increasingly internet. Even though our communication system is most extensive and dependable, extreme conditions can put a strain on them.(More)
In the present Digital Communication systems, it is highly possible that the data or message get corrupted during transmission and reception through a noisy channel medium. To get the error free communication we need Error correction code. BCH codes invented in 1960s are powerful class of multiple error correction codes with well defined mathematical(More)
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