Aissa Belmeguenai

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In this communication, we propose a stream cipher system based on nonlinear filter generator for speech data encryption. The cipher is simple and highly efficient. It is implemented to encrypt and decrypt speeches data. Several experimental tests are done for proving the system performance. The results show that the proposed scheme is secure certain attacks.
The objective of this work was to solve the problem of non linear time variant multi-input multi-output of greenhouse internal climate for tomato seedlings. Artificial intelligent approaches including neural networks and fuzzy inference have been used widely to model expert behavior. In this paper we proposed the Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference Systems(More)
The faults monitoring of the asynchronous machine using the stator current is of great interest, since this latter is an accessible and a measurable quantity. The spectral analysis of the stator current makes it possible to highlight the characteristic frequencies of the faults but in a broad frequency band depend on half of the sampling rate, which makes(More)
This paper describes a novel approach for image encryption using stream cipher algorithm based on non linear combination generator. This work aims to enhance the security of encrypted image. The work is based on the use of several linear feedback shifts registers whose feedback polynomials are primitive and of degrees are all pair wise cop rimes combined by(More)
This paper describes a Field-programmable Gate Array (FPGA) implementation of Adaptive Neuro-fuzzy Inferences Systems (ANFIS) using Very High-Speed Integrated Circuit Hardware-Description Language (VHDL) for controlling temperature and humidity inside a tomato greenhouse. The main advantages of using the HDL approach are rapid prototyping and allowing usage(More)
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