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An HPLC procedure for determining sorbitol in bulk sorbitol is described. An Aminex HPX-87 column (Bio-Rad) is used with water as a mobile phase and with a refractive index detector to monitor column eluate. Sorbitol is separated from pentaerythritol, erythritol, ribitol, ethylene glycol, propylene glycol, arabitol, galactitol, mannitol, iditol, and other(More)
HYPOTHESIS Mixed solutions of cationic and anionic surfactants show considerable synergism in their wetting behaviour, but their spreading is affected considerably by the phase separation processes. The valuable information about wetting properties of synergetic mixtures can be obtained by using mixtures in which phase separation occurs at concentrations(More)
Within the dental hospital setting, it is a frequent occurrence to find residual cement contaminating instruments in a newly opened kit having undergone the decontamination cycle. Any instrument found to be contaminated then cannot be used, as the area underneath the cement is not sterile. This in itself has several repercussions. These include:(More)
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