Aislan Gomide Foina

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—The Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) market once belonged to professional companies only. Now many amateur pilots fly cheap, smartphone controlled models available in any electronic store. Due to altitude, speed, and weight, these flying objects can cause damage and injury. Hence, a way to manage them is necessary. This paper presents a UAS Traffic Management(More)
A work in progress of a tool designed to help sports coaches to analyze their players using an RFID technology connected to a 3-layer software is described in this paper. A few ranging techniques available in conventional RFID systems were studied to best fit this application scenario. Together with the RFID equipments, there is a 3-layer system managing(More)
G-means is a data mining clustering algorithm based on k-means, used to find the number of Gaussian distributions and their centers inside a multi-dimensional dataset. This paper presents the performance gain obtained from the development of a parallel G-means algorithm for a heterogeneous multi-processor environment using the StarSs framework, called here(More)
This paper presents the results of a research in progress about a system for multiple users' behavior analysis and program recommendation for digital TV called SmarTV. The research explores a multi-user's behavior analysis and program recommendation using Bluetooth cell phones and a Playstation 3 working as a set-top box connected to a digital TV network(More)
— Within the last decade, the recent automation of vehicles such as cars and planes promise to fundamentally alter the microeconomics of transporting people and goods. In this paper, we focus on the self-flying planes (drones), which have been renamed Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) by the US Federal Aviation Agency (FAA). The most controversial operations(More)
This paper presents a research in progress about a system for multiple person user's behavior analysis and program recommendation for digital TV. Since it uses the spectator cell phone to identify the person, this research proposes an extension of the interactive TV interface to the user's cell phone as well. The research explore two new approaches related(More)
This paper presents a innovative system for weather monitoring using one device called WeBo, equipped with weather sensors and GPS, placed on buses ceiling to measure weather variables like humidity, temperature and air quality during the bus path. The weather variables are stored together with the latitude and longitude of the measure place and the exact(More)