Aishwarya Raman

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The present work considers electrothermal simulation of LDMOS devices and associated nonequilibrium effects. Simulations have been performed on three kinds of LDMOS: bulk Si, partial SOI and full SOI. Differences between equilibrium and nonequilibrium modeling approaches are examined. The extent and significance of thermal non-equilibrium is determined from(More)
The nonlinear dynamic response of atomic force microscopy cantilevers tapping on a sample is discussed through theoretical, computational, and experimental analysis. Experimental measurements are presented for the frequency response of a specific microcantilever-sample system to demonstrate the nonlinear features, including multiple jump phenomena leading(More)
Dynamic force microscopy (DFM) utilizes the dynamic response of a resonating probe tip as it approaches and retracts from a sample to measure the topography and material properties of a nanostructure. We present recent results based on nonlinear dynamical systems theory, computational continuation techniques and detailed experiments that yield new(More)
Parametric resonance underpins the physics of swings, resonant surface waves, and particle traps. There is increasing interest in its potential applications in atomic force microscopy ͑AFM͒. In this paper, the dynamics of parametrically resonant microcantilevers for high sensitivity imaging and force spectroscopy applications is investigated theoretically.(More)
This study uses more than a decade's worth of data across Arizona to characterize the spatiotemporal distribution, frequency, and source of extreme aerosol events, defined as when the concentration of a species on a particular day exceeds that of the average plus two standard deviations for that given month. Depending on which of eight sites studied,(More)
We propose a mode of dynamic scanning probe microscopy based on parametric resonance for highly sensitive nanoscale imaging and force spectroscopy. In this mode the microcantilever probe is excited by means of a closed-loop electronic circuit that modulates the microcantilever stiffness at a frequency close to twice its natural resonance frequency. Under(More)
We examine the spatio-temporal variability of aerosol loading in the recent decade (2005–2014) over the North American Monsoon (NAM) region. Emerging patterns are characterized using aerosol optical depth (AOD) retrievals from the NASA Terra/Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) instrument along with a suite of satellite retrievals of(More)
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