Aishwarya Mohan

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This paper analyses the customer reviews on restaurant domain using sentiment analysis and text mining techniques. The most integral part of our work is to assign Sentiment scores to the aspects with respect to the words used. We have devised Sentiscore algorithm to perform this function. The dataset we have at our disposal is a set of review documents(More)
The efficient use of satellite images for practical purposes depends upon the ability to combine them for the purposes of analysis. However, this process involves many computationally intensive computer vision algorithms. Assembling large images usually requires costly hardware with a large amount of memory. This paper addresses this problem by proposing a(More)
In today's linked world, users can purchase items at any time. However, in online shopping sites customers can locate their concerned product by visiting the site of the trader directly or by seeking among different vendors by using a shopping search engine, which demonstrate the similar product’s accessibility and costing at alternative e-retailers. The(More)
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