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In Stream data classification intrusion detection happens when a completely new kind of attack occurs in the traffic. Novel class detection approach solves the problem of intrusion detection based on ensemble technique of clustering and classification on feature evaluation technique. Feature evolution process faced a problem of exact selection of cluster(More)
Since second half of last century, computer networks started to grow with tremendous speed and with them the needfor security mechanisms which would ensure data, privacyand computer security grew as well. Many different security mechanisms were designed, yet none was reliable enough to protect the computer-network system from ever evolving threats and(More)
Ideally, it is assumed that a system fails as soon as one of its components connected in series has failed. However, in many real-world system configurations do not allow the system failure immediately when a fault or component failure occurs, rather its reliability falls down at a faster rate, and soon the system fails prematurely. If the fault is(More)
Our work is Motivated due to the Problem faced by the Company's of Business interruption and the time it take to recover Business data and Business process which lead them investing towards the process of Disaster Recovery. In order to this problem we aim to give a method which will include the Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) and Business Resumption(More)
Information centric network is a special form of computer network that is created for selected or registered nodes only. The information is stored on a central node and all nodes are using it. But the information is available for registered or specific nodes that are attached with it. Information-Centric Networking (ICN) is a current trend in research and(More)
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