Aishwarya Bose

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The deregulated markets and other factors are pushing power systems to their limits accentuating the need for more robust control. This paper presents a conceptual overview of a control approach for supporting a self-healing power system based on a distributed autonomous architecture and a set of coordinated closed loop controls. The proposed architecture(More)
This paper demonstrates an experimental study that examines the accuracy of various information retrieval techniques for Web service discovery. The main goal of this research is to evaluate algorithms for semantic web service discovery. The evaluation is comprehensively benchmarked using more than 1,700 real-world WSDL documents from INEX 2010 Web Service(More)
Smartphone users are growing very fast in recent years, along with this mobile threats also increasing side by side. A mobile malware is a malicious code that aims to harm the devices .Malwares can cause system failure, decreasing battery charges, steals the information and corrupts data and go up the maintenance cost. So mobile phone security is vital one.(More)
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