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A review on gastric ulcer remedies used in Unani System of medicine
Peptic ulcer is the erosion in lining of stomach or duodenum. The word ‘Peptic’ refers to pepsin, a stomach enzyme that break downs proteins. Peptic ulcer located in the stomach is called gastricExpand
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On semi-inverse solutions for the time-dependent flows of a second-grade fluid
This paper deals with analytical solutions for the time-dependent equations arising in a second-grade fluid. The solutions have been developed by assuming certain forms of the stream function.Expand
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Pharmacognostical Study and Development of Quality Control Parameters for Cucumis melo Linn
Cucumis melo Linn. (family cucurbitaceae) is extensively cultivated throughout India particularly in the hot and dry North-Western areas. Its fruit pulp, root, seeds and seed oil are used forExpand
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Brand Failure in Pakistan: Content Analytic Findings
This paper aims to analyze the reasons behind the failure of certain brands in Pakistan and to classify them into seven reasons as given in the literature. Brands often fail to recognize their ownExpand
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Standardization of Majith ( Rubia cordifolia Linn.)
Standardization and quality control of the herbal drugs including single and compound formulations used in Unani System of Medicine is essential for their acceptance in the international as well asExpand
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Boundary extension is a ubiquitous phenomenon in which participants remember seeing more of an image than was previously shown. Expand
Comparative analysis of melodic pattern matching techniques for performance evaluation of singer
Music has always been the vital part of entertainment. Musical schools and singing reality shows are very popular and have become an integral part of our daily life. They provide entertainment to theExpand