Aisha Mushtaq

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For provisioning large-scale online applications such as web search, social networks and advertisement systems, data centers face extreme challenges in providing low latency for short flows (that result from end-user actions) and high throughput for background flows (that are needed to maintain data consistency and structure across massively distributed(More)
Data center operators face extreme challenges in simultaneously providing low latency for short flows, high throughput for long flows, and high burst tolerance. We propose a buffer management strategy that addresses these challenges by isolating short and long flows into separate buffers, sizing these buffers based on flow requirements, and scheduling(More)
Interacting with touch screen mobiles using thumb is nowadays becoming a common practice. Techniques have been developed to provide the ease of use in interacting with touch screen using thumb. These techniques were rather inefficient in terms of time and error. We propose a model CoGMI which describes an interaction technique which that is the combination(More)
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