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Research has begun to explore the use of virtual humans (VHs) in clinical interviews (Bickmore, Gruber, & Picard, 2005). When designed as supportive and ''safe'' interaction partners, VHs may improve such screenings by increasing willingness to disclose information (Gratch, Wang, Gerten, & Fast, 2007). In health and mental health contexts, patients are(More)
Research has begun to explore the use of virtual humans (VHs) in medical interviews [1]. When designed as supportive and " safe " interaction partners, VHs may improve such screenings by encouraging patients to disclose more personal information [2-3]. In medical contexts, patients often feel resistance to self-disclosure and engage in impression management(More)
Metronidazole (200 mg. three times daily for 7 days) cures approximately 90 per cent. of patients infested with Trichomonas vaginalis (Rodin, King, Nicol, and Barrow, 1960). This paper describes the first stage of an investigation designed to determine, in the first instance, the general absorption and excretion pattern of the drug and, secondly, the cause(More)
Cosar and Julou (1959) studied this preparation in vitro and in vivo in the mouse and demonstrated very high activity against Trichomonas vaginalis. Their tests showed a low incidence of acute toxicity in mice and no evidence of chronic toxicity when they gave the drug by mouth to rats in amounts of up to 50 mg./kg. daily for one month and to dogs in(More)
In England and Wales, as in a number of other countries, the incidence of gonorrhoea, having lessened appreciably in the immediate post-war period, has in recent years shown a substantial rise. A variety of epidemiological factors are believed to be responsible for this, including immigration from overseas and apparently increased promiscuity among(More)
  • A J KING
  • 1960
The incidence of gonorrhoea in Great Britain reached its peak in 1946, one year after the second World War had ended. Thereafter it declined sharply and continued to do so until 1955, when for the first time since the war the Annual Report of the Chief Medical Officer of the Ministry of Health (1957) indicated an increase in the number of patients(More)