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INTRODUCTION The purpose was to investigate the possible correlation or predictive relationship between breastfeeding and Postpartum Depression (PPD). METHOD We conducted a prospective study in which 137 Arab women were assessed during pregnancy and postpartum. Current breastfeeding was correlated with postpartum outcomes (EPDS and MINI), employment, and(More)
BACKGROUND Depression is one of most common mental illnesses in the world, with a high prevalence in primary health care settings. Some research has been conducted in the Arab region, but this research has been limited. This study investigated the prevalence of depression in a primary health care setting in the United Arab Emirates as well as possible(More)
BACKGROUND Type 2 diabetes is very prevalent in the Gulf region, particularly in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) which has the second highest prevalence in the world. Factors contributing to this include changes in diet, adoption of sedentary lifestyles, and the consequent increase in rates of obesity. These changes are primarily due to rapid economic(More)
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