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Systems that rely on Face Recognition (FR) biometric have gained great importance ever since terrorist threats imposed weakness among the implemented security systems. Other biometrics i.e., fingerprints or iris recognition is not trustworthy in such situations whereas FR is considered as a fine compromise. This survey illustrates different FR practices(More)
Face recognition is considered to be one of the most reliable biometric, when security issues are taken into concern. For this, feature extraction becomes a critical problem. Different methods are used for extraction of facial feature which are broadly classified into linear and nonlinear subspaces. Among the linear methods are Linear Discriminant Analysis(More)
Requirement elicitation is very difficult process in highly challenging and business based software as well as in real time software. Common problems associated with these types of software are rapidly changing the requirements and understanding the language of the layman person. In this study, a framework for requirement elicitation by using knowledge(More)
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