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Self-compacting concrete (SCC) demands more studies of durability at higher temperatures when subjected to more aggressive environments in comparison to the conventional vibrated concrete (CC). This work aims at presenting results of durability indicators of SCC and CC, having the same water/binder relations and constituents. The applied methodologies were(More)
High-performance concrete (HPC) is usually produced using high quality materials. These high quality constituents drastically increase the initial cost of HPC, hence hindering its more widespread use. Therefore, the main goal of this research project was to produce a low cost enhanced performance concrete or even a low cost HPC, using low quality fly ash(More)
Abstract. In reinforced concrete structures, it is extremely difficult to ensure that steel bars will be not subject, either in a lower or higher extent, to the corrosion effect. The application of hot dip galvanized rebar is an economic and effective way of protecting reinforced concrete against corrosion. This protective technique has an influence, which(More)
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