Airel Pérez Suárez

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OBJECTIVE The authors' goal was to characterize psychiatric practice by reporting findings from the 1996 National Survey of Psychiatric Practice. METHODS A random sample of 1,481 APA members was selected to participate in the study; 1,375 APA members were determined to be eligible for study participation. The authors report data from 970 respondents(More)
OBJECTIVE This exploratory study examined utilization and costs among depressed patients in two treatment models-integrated treatment, in which psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy were provided by a psychiatrist, and split treatment, in which pharmacotherapy was provided by a psychiatrist and psychotherapy by a nonphysician psychotherapist. METHODS A(More)
Objective-The purpose of this pilot study was to examine the feasibility of using computerized medical records retrospectively to identify patients and their physicians for subsequent survey to examine discontinuation of a newly prescribed antihypertensive medication in primary care, while maintaining patient confidentiality.Design-A case - control study(More)
OBJECTIVE To capture information about the clinical characteristics of, and treatments for, children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in psychiatric practice. METHOD A mailed, self-administered questionnaire was sent to 81 practicing psychiatrists for them to complete on the next three consecutive patients aged 14 years and younger(More)