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SeDS: Secure Data Sharing Strategy for D2D Communication in LTE-Advanced Networks
We propose a secure data sharing protocol, which merges the advantages of public key cryptography and symmetric encryption, to achieve data security in D2D communication in an LTE-A network. Expand
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Light-Weight and Robust Security-Aware D2D-Assist Data Transmission Protocol for Mobile-Health Systems
In this paper, we propose a light-weight and robust security-aware D2D-assist data transmission protocol for M-health systems by using a certificateless generalized signcryption (CLGSC) technique. Expand
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Security, Privacy, and Fairness in Fog-Based Vehicular Crowdsensing
Fog-based vehicular crowdsensing is an emerging paradigm where vehicles use onboard sensors to collect and share data with the aim of measuring phenomena of common interest. Expand
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Towards Secure and Privacy-Preserving Data Sharing in e-Health Systems via Consortium Blockchain
This work proposes a blockchain-based secure and privacy-preserving PHI sharing (BSPP) scheme for diagnosis improvements in e-Health systems. Expand
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A continuous process for biodiesel production in a fixed bed reactor packed with cation-exchange resin as heterogeneous catalyst.
Continuous esterification of free fatty acids (FFA) from acidified oil with methanol was carried out with NKC-9 cation-exchange resin in a fixed bed reactor with an internal diameter of 25 mm and aExpand
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JASMIN: a parallel software infrastructure for scientific computing
The exponential growth of computer power in the last 10 years is now creating a great challenge for parallel programming toward achieving realistic performance. Expand
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miRNA‐23a/27a attenuates muscle atrophy and renal fibrosis through muscle‐kidney crosstalk
The treatment of muscle wasting is accompanied by benefits in other organs, possibly resulting from muscle–organ crosstalk. However, how the muscle communicates with these organs is less understood.Expand
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Distinct expression profiles of LncRNAs between brown adipose tissue and skeletal muscle.
Both brown adipose tissue and skeletalmuscle have abundant mitochondria and energy consumption capacity. They are similar in origin and gain different potential of energy metabolism afterExpand
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FOXO1, a Potential Therapeutic Target, Regulates Autophagic Flux, Oxidative Stress, Mitochondrial Dysfunction, and Apoptosis in Human Cholangiocarcinoma QBC939 Cells
Background/Aims: Autophagy is an evolutionarily conserved catabolic mechanism to maintain energy homeostasis and to remove damaged cellular components, which plays an important role in the survivalExpand
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Hybrid composites of conductive polyaniline and nanocrystalline titanium oxide prepared via self-assembling and graft polymerization
Abstract After TiO2 nanoparticles were surface modified, conductive polyaniline (PANI) layer was chemically grafted on the surface of the self-assembled monolayer (SAM) coated TiO2 nanoparticles,Expand
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