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The cumulative data by Bridge Management System (BMS) is helpful for decision making for bridge maintenance measure. According to the current state of municipal bridges, the design of system development of Sihui BMS (SH-BMS) is discussed in this paper. The network design based on Browser/Server (B/S) paradigm is presented and major operational functions(More)
The intelligent technique is becoming the most important and powerful aided tool to manage the infrastructure information and reduce the urban natural hazards. This paper presents the development in building the smart digital China programs and the application of the digital technique to mitigate natural hazard in Chinese cities. The digital techniques in(More)
Type 1 diabetes (T1D) is an autoimmune disease characterized by a selective destruction of insulin-secreting β-cells. Both T cells and B cells serve a crucial role in pathogenesis and development of T1D. CD20 is a specific membrane antigen of B lymphocytes, while interleukin (IL)‑10 is an important cytokine secreted by T helper 2 cells and has a short(More)
A broad attention has been paid to the field ditches as the sewage interception channel for the agricultural nonpoint source pollution, however, rare studies have involved in the phosphorus migration and transformation between the ditch sediments and overlaying water, especially, from the ditch sediments to the water. The present paper aims to explore with(More)
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