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In this paper, a mediatorless amperometric glucose biosensor based on direct covalent immobilisation of monomolecular layer of glucose oxidase (GOx) on a semiconducting indium-tin oxide (ITO) is demonstrated. The abundance of surface hydroxyl functional group of ITO allows it to be used as a suitable platform for direct covalent immobilisation of the enzyme(More)
OBJECTIVE Few studies have evaluated the intake trends of fatty acids in China. The present study aimed to describe the profile of longitudinal dietary fat and fatty acid intakes and their related food sources in Chinese adults. DESIGN A longitudinal study using data from the China Health and Nutrition Survey (1997-2011) was conducted. Dietary intake was(More)
Current evidence of the relationship between diets and Fe status is mostly derived from studies in developed countries with Western diets, which may not be translatable to Chinese with a predominantly plant-based diet. We extracted data that were nationally sampled from the 2009 wave of China Health and Nutrition Survey; dietary information was collected(More)
The aim of this longitudinal study was to investigate long-term associations between low dietary calcium intake and fracture risk in older adults with plant-based diet. Data of self-reported first fracture events of any type from 6210 Chinese men and women, aged 50 years or older and free from fracture at baseline, in a subcohort based on the China Health(More)
BACKGROUND Chinese dietary reference intakes for calcium are largely based on foreign studies. We undertook meta-regression to estimate calcium requirements for Chinese adults derived from calcium balance data in Chinese adults. METHODS We searched PubMed, Cochrane CENTRAL, and SinoMed from inception to March 5, 2014, by using a structured search(More)
The spectral performance parameters of hyper-spectral imaging spectrometer include the spectral calibration parameter and the radiometric calibrati on parameter. Accurate calibration of these parameters is the basic premise of the quantitative application of hyper-spectral data. The spectral calibration is used to determine the central wavelength, spectral(More)
Cervical cancer presents extremely low PEDF expression which is associated with tumor progression and poor prognosis. In this study, folate receptor α (FRα)-targeted nano-liposomes (FLP) were designed to enhance the anti-tumor effect by targeting delivery of exogenous PEDF gene to cervical cancer cells. The targeting molecule F-PEG-Chol was firstly(More)
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