Ainsley Iggo

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1. The discharge in myelinated afferent fibres innervating hairs in anaesthetized cats and rabbits, dissected from the saphenous nerve, was recorded during controlled movements of the hairs.2. Three types of rapidly adapting afferent unit were found and they innervated three kinds of hair follicle-down hair, guard hair and tylotrich.3. The down hair units(More)
1. The effects of low temperature on conduction in single myelinated and non-myelinated axons of the feline saphenous nerve were examined and compared. Nerves were cooled by a conventional thermode, but thermal gradients were minimized by an insulating layer of agar-saline gel over the nerve and the face of the thermode.2. The mean blocking temperature of(More)
1. A total of fifty-four mechanoreceptor afferent units with fast conducting axons in the tibial nerve innervating the glabrous skin of the hind leg were isolated in anaesthetized cats. 2. Twenty-six rapidly adapting units (RA), eighteen slowly adapting units (SA) and ten Pacinian corpuscle units (PC) were differentiated from each other mainly on the(More)
The gross anatomy and nerve supply of the bill of echidna (Tachyglossus aculeatus) is described in relation to its function as an outstanding sensory organ. The sensory innervation of the skin of the echidna snout was investigated by means of frontal serial sections, after decalcification of the specimens. A comprehensive light and electron microscopic(More)