Ainsley H Chalmers

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A simple, sensitive method for estimating carbon monoxide in plasma is described. In this method, the carbon monoxide in plasma is trapped with hemoglobin and subsequently estimated by dithionite reduction. The method has an intra- and interassay precision (CV) of 10.7% and 12.8%, respectively, at a concentration of 1.12 mg of carbon monoxide per liter and(More)
Linkage analysis was undertaken in nineteen families with tuberous sclerosis by use of 26 polymorphic markers. All affected members fulfilled strict diagnostic criteria and unaffected members were rigorously investigated to confirm their status. Maximum lod scores were 1.20 for adenylate kinase 1 (AK1) at zero recombination and 3.85 for the ABO blood group(More)
OBJECTIVE to review the current role and results of angioplasty in the management of critical limb ischaemia (CLI) in a single institution. METHODS data on 526 patients with 608 ischaemic limbs, treated between January 1994 and December 1999 was collected prospectively and analysed retrospectively. Patients were divided into 3 groups according to the date(More)
Psychological stress is associated with increased oxidative stress, a pro-inflammatory state, increased rate of infection, and cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease also is associated with increased stress, homocysteine, and C-reactive protein (CRP) levels. In this study, the authors measured various markers of psychological stress and correlated(More)
Tetrandrine is an extract of the creeper Stephania tetrandra used in traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of rheumatic diseases. It has recently been shown to retard and even reverse the lesions of silicosis in humans and rats. Data presented in this report indicate that tetrandrine has potent immunosuppressive properties. Mitogen-induced(More)
Closed needle aspiration/biopsy was performed in 19 patients with suspected spinal disc space infection. A precise diagnosis was made, from the material obtained in 13 (68%); the infecting organism was isolated in 11 and malignant tumour diagnosed histologically in two. There were no important complications. The procedure which is described in detail is(More)
A method is described for estimating plasma and urinary hemoglobin concentrations as low as 3 mg/L. The assay measures at 528 nm the rate of peroxidation of chlorpromazine by hemoglobin and is not affected by ascorbate and bilirubin concentrations up to 500 mumol/L. Results by this method (mean +/- SD: 54.4 +/- 41.6 mg/L; n = 19) correlated well with those(More)
Studies of recurrent stone formers indicated that they have significantly increased urinary oxalate and decreased ascorbate excretions. Results of oral and intravenous administration of ascorbate indicate an enhanced production of oxalate from ascorbate in recurrent calcium stone formers as compared with normal persons and that most of this oxalate is(More)