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Pia Forsman2
Edward Haeggström2
Anders Wallin2
Jeff E Mandel1
2Pia Forsman
2Edward Haeggström
2Anders Wallin
1Jeff E Mandel
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A field-usable sleepiness tester could reduce sleepiness related accidents. 15 subjects' postural steadiness was measured with a Nintendo(®) Wii Fit balance board every hour for 24 h. Body sway was quantified with complexity index, CI, and the correlation between CI and alertness predicted by a three-process model of sleepiness was calculated. The CI group(More)
We develop a method to quantify sleepiness. Sleepiness is a major risk factor in traffic and occupational accidents, but lack of convenient tests precludes monitoring impending sleepiness. Posturographic balance testing could address this need because sleepiness increases postural sway. It is, however, unclear how sleepiness influences balance control. Our(More)
Although reduced sleep often underlies traffic and occupational accidents, convenient sleepiness testing is lacking. We show that posturographic balance testing addresses this issue, because balance testing predicts hours of wakefulness, which could facilitate sleepiness testing. Here, we equate balance scores from separate trials, blinded to the(More)
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