Aini Mohamed Yusoff

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The genome of Mycobacterium massiliense M172, isolated from a human sputum sample, was sequenced using Illumina GA IIX technology and found to contain 5,204,460 bp, including putative genes for virulence and antibiotic resistance as well as a 92-kb genomic region most likely to correspond to a mycobacteriophage.
Pangolins, unique mammals with scales over most of their body, no teeth, poor vision, and an acute olfactory system, comprise the only placental order (Pholidota) without a whole-genome map. To investigate pangolin biology and evolution, we developed genome assemblies of the Malayan (Manis javanica) and Chinese (M. pentadactyla) pangolins. Strikingly, we(More)
Pangolins (order Pholidota) are the only mammals covered by scales. We have recently sequenced and analyzed the genomes of two critically endangered Asian pangolin species, namely the Malayan pangolin (Manis javanica) and the Chinese pangolin (Manis pentadactyla). These complete genome sequences will serve as reference sequences for future research to(More)
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