Aini Hussain

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Identity verification systems that use a mono modal biometrics always have to contend with sensor noise and limitations of feature extractor and matching. However combining information from different biometrics modalities may well provide higher and more consistent performance levels. A robust yet simple scheme can fuse the decisions produced by the(More)
The development of implanted devices is essential because of their direct effect on the lives and safety of humanity. This paper presents the current issues and challenges related to all methods used to harvest energy for implantable biomedical devices. The advantages, disadvantages, and future trends of each method are discussed. The concept of harvesting(More)
This paper reviews and evaluates performance of few common background subtraction algorithms which are medianbased, Gaussian-based and Kernel density-based approaches. These algorithms are tested using four sets of image sequences contributed by Wallflower datasets. They are the image sequences of different challenging environments that may reflect the real(More)
GIS is a system that analyses and displays geographic information. This paper focuses on the GIS application for Bus Identification and Monitoring System. GIS is used to map out the bus location and movement in the system. The results show that the bus operation in terms of time schedule, driver's and bus' identification, and bus' location can be monitored(More)
Implanted medical devices are very important electronic devices because of their usefulness in monitoring and diagnosis, safety and comfort for patients. Since 1950s, remarkable efforts have been undertaken for the development of bio-medical implanted and wireless telemetry bio-devices. Issues such as design of suitable modulation methods, use of power and(More)
Image processing has been proved to be effective tool for analysis in various fields and applications. Agriculture sector where the parameters like canopy, yield, quality of product were the important measures from the farmers' point of view. Many times expert advice may not be affordable, majority times the availability of expert and their services(More)
An Automated Road Sign Recognition system using Artificial Neural Network for the Textual Information box inscribing in Bengali is presented in this paper. The system captures real time images every two seconds and saves them as JPG format files. The system processes the images to find out whether they contain images of road signs or not. The textual(More)
Currently, computational of the optical flow of a sequence of images still remains a challenge in video processing. There are no specific techniques that can sufficiently generate an accurate and dense optical flow. Computational using local variable such as Lucas Kanade algorithm does not provide a good segmentation which indirectly affects the pattern of(More)
The most widely used method for weed control is to use agricultural chemicals (herbicides products). This heavy reliance on chemicals raises many environmental and economic concerns, causing many plantation companies to seek alternatives for weed control in order to reduce chemical usage in their plantation. Since manual labor is costly and expensive, an(More)