Aine Ní Mhaoláin

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BACKGROUND The Cambridge cognitive examination (CAMCOG) is a mini neuropsychological battery which is well established and widely used. The utility of the CAMCOG in detecting prodromal Alzheimer's disease (AD) in patients with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) has not been determined. The objectives of this study are: to establish which subtests of cognitive(More)
BACKGROUND It has been reported that late onset depression is more frequently associated with acquired organic pathology and that patients are less likely to report a family history of depression. Differences in phenomenology according to age of onset have been described although these have not been consistently replicated. The majority of these studies(More)
BACKGROUND "Social capital" refers to the existence of voluntary community networks and relationships based on trust, and the use of these networks and relationships to enable positive social action. Social capital is positively associated with selected indices of mental health. METHODS We performed an ecological investigation of the relationship between(More)
BACKGROUND There has been an increasing interest in the relationship between severity of disease and costs in the care of people with dementia. Much of the current evidence is based on cross-sectional data, suggesting the need to examine trends over time for this important and growing cohort of the population. METHODS This paper estimates resource use and(More)
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