Aine MacNeill

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The effect of situational factors on perceptions of items on the polygraph Comparison Question Test (CQT) was assessed. In an initial experiment, 86 students (30 men, 56 women; M age = 20.3 yr., SD = 4.0) imagined one of eight scenarios that varied by guilt or innocence, the commission of a real crime or mock crime, and interrogation by a police officer or(More)
Thermoregulatory influences on electrodermal and cardiovascular activity may interfere with the detection of concealed information using a polygraph. This possibility was assessed by means of a mock terrorism scenario. Seventy-two participants were assigned to either a guilty or an innocent role. They were given a polygraph test at one of three ambient(More)
Four patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) are described in whom there were major psychiatric complications. Two of these patients had cerebral lupus with psychiatric manifestations of the disease together with other features of disease activity and responding to treatment with high dose steroids. The first of these had had a ten-year history of(More)
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