Aine M Ní Mhaoláin

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The dependence scale has been designed to be sensitive to the overall care needs of the patient and is considered distinct from standard measures of functional ability in this regard. Little is known regarding the relationship between patient dependence and caregiver burden. We recruited 100 patients with Alzheimer's disease or mild cognitive impairment and(More)
BACKGROUND Life satisfaction is a subjective expression of well-being and successful aging. Subjective well-being is a major determinant of health outcomes in older people. The aim of this study was to determine which factors predicted well-being in older people living in the community as measured by their satisfaction with life. METHODS The relationship(More)
BACKGROUND Depression is the most common mental disease in patients hospitalized with physical illness. Disorders of anxiety and depression in general hospitals are frequently underdiagnosed and inappropriately treated. AIM To assess the prevalence of undiagnosed anxiety and depression in surgical inpatients and assess the referral rate and utilization of(More)
STUDY DESIGN We retrospectively reviewed 14 cases of isolated burst fractures of the fifth lumbar vertebra (L5) presenting over a 10-year period to the National Spinal Injuries Unit (NSIU) of the Republic of Ireland. OBJECTIVES The objective was to evaluate treatment outcomes in patients suffering isolated burst fractures of L5 without neurologic(More)
BACKGROUND Self-efficacy is the belief that one can perform a specific task or behaviour and is a modifiable attribute which has been shown to influence health behaviours. Few studies have examined the relationship between self-efficacy for dementia-related tasks and symptoms of burden and depression in caregivers. METHODS Eighty four patient/caregiver(More)
BACKGROUND Anxiety and depression are common in older people but are often missed; to improve detection we must focus on those elderly people at risk. Frailty is a geriatric syndrome inferring increased risk of poor outcomes. Our objective was to explore the relationship between frailty and clinically significant anxiety and depression in later life. (More)
OBJECTIVE Fear of falling is one of the most common fears among community-dwelling older people and is as serious a health problem as falls themselves. Understanding fear of falling in fallers transitioning to frailty may help us identify effective strategies to reduce it in this already vulnerable group of older people. Our aim was to evaluate the(More)
SIR—The global prevalence of dementia is rising with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) accounting for 50–60% of all cases and mild cognitive impairment (MCI) its precursor [1, 2]. Although the clinical hallmark of AD is progressive loss of memory and cognition, several studies have also shown changes in mobility and body composition suggesting frailty [3, 4].(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the incremental effects of patient dependence and function on costs of care for patients with Alzheimer's disease (AD) and amnestic mild cognitive impairment (MCI) in Ireland. METHODS Cost analysis based on reported resource use for a cross-section of 100 community-based people with AD and MCI. Formal care included general practice(More)
INTRODUCTION In 2004, there were 11,092 presentations to Irish hospitals with deliberate self-harm, including 7,933 cases of drug overdose, of which 31% involved paracetamol. Limiting the availability of paracetamol reduces morbidity and mortality associated with paracetamol overdose. AIM The present study aimed to determine the level of compliance with(More)