Ain Ul Aisha

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In this paper, we study Poisson fading channels with varying noise levels. This model is motivated by applications of visible light communication systems, in which the noise level is affected by the strength of the background light. We consider scenarios with and without delay constraints. For the case without a delay constraint, we characterize the optimal(More)
—In this paper, we analyze the probability of error for secondary users employed in a cognitive radio network operating within the vicinity of several primary users. Sec-ondary(unlicensed) users must coexist with primary(licensed) users, ensuring that the legacy rights of the primary user transmissions are respected. Consequently, the secondary users must(More)
—Open medium access is an inherent feature of wireless networks that makes them vulnerable to security threats and unauthorized access by foreign entities and malicious users. In cognitive radio networks, effect of these malicious users on network performance becomes more threatening, where they impersonate primary users by emitting similar signals, causing(More)
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